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The Formation of the Future Citizen Institute

The first quarter of 2018 has seen the foundation stones laid for one of Kylin Prime Group’s most exciting initiatives: The Future Citizen Institute (FCI). The Institute was formed as a response to the growing importance and relevance of global mobility. Naturally, this phenomenon is of key importance to our core business, but we want to look beyond merely providing services; we want to revolutionise the industry. The Institute aims to give the industry greater-than-ever exposure, serving as the premier source of news and information for all stakeholders involved in global mobility and investment migration.

Never before has mobility, both for people and resources, been such a key component of success for businesses and investors. High-net- worth individuals are increasingly likely to go beyond their own borders in pursuing richer opportunities and an enhanced quality of life, for themselves and for future generations. These are the ‘future citizens’.

Through the Future Citizen Institute, we will utilise our experience and expertise to produce high- quality research and reports on all matters relating to the phenomenon of investment residency, citizenship-by-investment, and global mobility. By producing thought-leadership in an ever-changing industry, we hope to shape the evolving understandings of the future citizen. The coming months and years will surely prove to be an exciting and challenging time, and we look forward to revealing more in the coming months.

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