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About Us

Mission Statement

The Future Citizen Institute studies all matters relating to the phenomenon of investment residency, citizenship-by-investment, and global mobility. By producing thought-leadership in an ever-changing industry, we hope to shape the evolving understanding of the ’Future Citizen’.

The Institute was formed as a response to the changing nature of citizenship and identity in a globalising world. Drawing on the expertise of industry leaders, academics, and investors, it examines the consequences of increased mobility in a political and economic context.

We produce research and foster a community of globally minded individuals with an interest in investment migration. As the industry continues to grow rapidly, we hope to be an invaluable source of data and analysis for professionals, students and academics.



Citizenship, Globalisation, Global Wealth

Mobility, Identity, Internationality

Education, Global Health, Climate Change, Statelessness

Innovation, Thought Leadership


The Future Citizen Institute consists of two platforms of research and engagement

The Future Parliament

The aim of the Future Parliament is to provide stakeholders with an exhaustive and reliable source of information related to our key themes. Our research addresses key political, economic, and social themes in the industry. With recent immigration news, community networking events and research opportunities. We hope to create an environment that fosters intellectual growth, debate and innovation. Our research is collated in the Future Citizen Journal.

The Parliament hosts many initiatives such as the Future Citizen Magazine, the Future Citizen Journal, the Research Lab, academic panel discussions, news, and social media content. We seek to keep innovating the way information is disseminated and to make our research available on multiple mediums.

The Future Citizen Matrix is the FCI’s original indicator for evaluating citizenship by investment (CBI) programmes in the investment immigration industry. Find out more about the FCI Matrix in our reports.

The Future State

Welcome to the Future State.


The Future State encapsulates the vision of the Future Citizen Institute and serves as a physical boutique for future citizens. This retail business supplies our customers with everything they need for a truly global life: a (second) passport, global SIM cards, global banking and business solutions, travel goods and more.


The Future State also hosts events and panel discussions for the public to learn more about the investment migration industry and its accessibility. The Future State brings the industry to the high street for the first time ever and helps to legitimise the Future Citizen concept in the minds of the public. Moreover, we hope to partner with other products and brands that share our innovative and sophisticated ethos, as well as countries who would be able to showcase their investment opportunities.

This space enables customers to feel a more tangible connection with their chosen investment migration destination, and it hopes to be the next game changer in the investment migration industry.

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Our Partners

Connectivity and partnership is at the core of a globalised world

We are proud to have worked and be affiliated with these companies

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