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Future Citizen REPORTS

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This report by the Future Citizen Institute examines misconceptions of CBI and RBI programmes on “genuine link”criteria, cooperation amongst member states, and security. The report also showcases economic impacts in Malta and Cyprus along with the increased benefits of using Licensed Funds as investment vehicles.

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This joint report by Arton Capital and the Future Citizen Institute examines compatibility of CBI and RBI programmes with international and EU law on migration and nationality, the formal eligibility requirements, for example in terms of physical presence required, and due diligence, security issues and taxation.

The Future Citizen Magazine

The Magazine is a key project of the Parliament that aims to share the Future Citizen lifestyle with people. Summarising key industry news and trends, as well as advertising opportunities in countries and our partnered products.

You can subscribe to the Future Citizen Magazine here. Subscription to the Magazine is automatic under Future Citizen Membership.

The Future Citizen Journal

The Future Citizen Journal is an online digital database that presents academic research and arguments around investment migration. They examine how the industry shapes and changes notions such as governments, statehood, and political control as well as employment, education, healthcare to name a few.

The Future Citizen Cast

Welcome to our Future Citizen Blog! We hope to share some opinions and thoughts regarding recent events here, as well as to provide an additional platform for more informal thought pieces.

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