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The Caribbean: The next investment hotspot

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

Author: Christopher Buckley

Located between North and South America, the Caribbean has long been a favoured destination for travellers and honeymooners the world over. People have flocked in their thousands to marvel at the region's beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters and unspoilt landscape. In recent times however, the region has become increasingly popular among investors seeking to diversify their portfolio.

Here are 5 reasons the Caribbean has become such a sought-after destination:

1. Stable property market

The Caribbean property market does not suffer from the same level of volatility as other markets, particularly those in Europe, and therefore represents a more stable investment option. With many other countries experiencing significant political and social unrest, investors are starting to view the laid-back Caribbean lifestyle as attractive. with a residential property investment providing the perfect tool by which to change to a more relaxed lifestyle.

2. Citizenship by Investment Programmes

Another interesting point to note is that, while a Caribbean property investment in and of itself represents a tremendous opportunity for investors to diversify the scope of their portfolios, many Caribbean countries such as Grenada, St. Kitts and Nevis and Dominica also grant investors citizenship in exchange for making an appropriate, government-approved real estate investment. This aims to ensure that the national economy keeps up with the growing demands of the local tourism industries in attracting global investment. By gaining citizenship, investors gain the right to work, study, access local services and even obtain a new passport.  

3. Caribbean lifestyle

The Caribbean region is world renowned for its laid-back, care-free lifestyle, with residents enjoying marvellous views, white sandy beaches and a natural environment which ranges from lush rainforest to secluded coves. This is a major drawing point for investors seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life in the urban world. From scuba diving at the world famous Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park in Grenada to zip lining in the Antiguan rainforest, the Caribbean boasts a multitude of activities to suit all tastes.

4. Travel opportunities

Comprised of over 700 islands in total, the Caribbean offers the ideal location to escape. Many of these islands are just a short ferry ride away, meaning there is always something exciting at your doorstep. Moreover, many of these Caribbean islands also have their own unique flavours and culture. With a plethora of sights to be seen and foods to be tasted, who wouldn’t want to escape to this tropical paradise?

5. Growth opportunities

As mentioned above, the Caribbean property market is relatively stable in comparison to many other countries. This provides a layer of added security to your investment, and, with property investments increasing in value tenfold in recent years, it appears as though many investors have already become acutely aware of this fact. Many Caribbean countries also provide tax benefits when investing in/purchasing a property.

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